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Me and @taylorgangmeanz baby sister she family fuck what any of you think ima take care of her till the death of me this is baby sis … #FamilyOverEverything
Go and follow the new twitter page for updates !!! They suspended my account at 15k !!!
Bout to snap out on this stage fuck my health right now #TurnUp
I’m so sorry world it’s lookin like ima have to push the mixtape back again !!! It’s for a good reason and cause !!! We gonna drop some videos soon so don’t worry we still on the grind !!! Jus gotta make sure everything is right
Official #Tracklist for the upcoming project #MixtapeOfTheYear make sure you stay tuned !!!! Coming #Sept7th
#MixtapeOfTheYear #Volume2 #LoveAndDrugs comings soon hosted by @dj_no_intro
Jus in case you didn’t hear yet my new mixtape #mixtapeoftheyear #volume2 #loveanddrugsedition is coming soon make sure you spread the word steal the picture and post it !!! Let the world know cause this is it !!
Who wants a sneak peak at the #Tracklist #MixtapeOfTheYear #Volume2 #LoveAndDrugs
Are you ready?? #NewMixtapeComingSoon !!!
#MixtapeOfTheYear #Volume2 #LoveAndDrugsEdition coming soon !!! Like if your gonna buy a copy or download it !!!

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Phresh LaRosa - Star Gang ENT

Phresh LaRosa, an emerging artist from Pittsburgh, grew up fast - learning about hustling, music and hard work at a young age. Pittsburgh’s rough surroundings molded Phresh into a strong individual, giving him the necessary experience to share the everyday struggles people face in the city. After his college dreams didn’t materialize, Phresh turned to music, rekindling his passion for hip-hop. With his eyes clearly set on a new goal, he began laying down the foundation for his future success. He hit the studio, increased his web presence, and performed shows all over Pittsburgh and throughout the Northeastern & Mid-Atlantic region. Coming from the Mid-Atlantic, a region that has produced artists like Wiz Khalifa, S.Money, Mac Miller and countless others, Phresh LaRosa embodies the unique lifestyle and lyrical content that East Coast rap fans are accustomed to, while simultaneously displaying the versatility that makes him appeal to hip-hop fans across the world. Phresh’s charisma, precise wordplay and stage presence, combined with his ability to craft stories encompassing a wide array of subjects, has earned the upcoming rapper the respect of many fans online and in the streets of Pittsburgh. While his buzz continues to grow, Phresh is staying humble – working hard in the studio and behind the computer screen. For booking information and collaboration inquiries please contact Sara Cropcho at sarliz88@gmail.com / stargangent@gmail.com

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